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Getting into the Swing of Things

It's always a pleasure to see your work in print and this week a number of my images have featured in the latest edition of Tees Business, including the front page. However, the quality of the photos I produce is very dependant on the rapport I can develop with my subject(s) and their willingness to trust me to capture them in a positive and pleasing way.

Finding myself in the relatively rural location of Middleton One Row a few weeks ago to produce a photography feature on games developer Bob Makin, a quick scout around the area didn't immediately suggest a video game theme to me. After chatting to Bob I did get a sense of his playfulness however, and with an abundance of fantastic looking trees and a ready-made swing at our disposal, it seemed only natural to ask him if he would do the honours. We supplemented these fun shots with a few more sedate ones afterwards thus providing the magazine sub editors with a wide selection to choose from.

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