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One, two, three.......JUMP!

Having just shot another year of A-level and GCSE results days at schools in the North East, I decided it was worth blogging about. I've always enjoyed it as subject matter as there tends to be great spontaneous moments of joy and exhilaration amongst the students as they find out what grades they have been awarded. To me capturing these 'real moments' is the art of press photography, and if the lighting is nice and backgrounds uncluttered - even better!

It is for this reason that I have always been rather perplexed by the manufactured and cliched 'jump in the air' photo and why it is necessary when there are so many true moments on offer for the astute lensman. Without doubt there are newspaper assignments when a degree of guidance is required and the subject(s) receives some direction from the photographer with the purpose of better illustrating a story and/or creating better composition, but for the annual two Thursday mornings in August I have always strongly favoured the candid and genuine depiction


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