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Demolition Man

With the explosive downfall of Redcar power station yesterday, almost two years of demolition work has come to an end with all of the iconic structures associated with the former steelworks now having been brought back down to earth.

From a nostalgic point of view, it has been sad to see these once giants of the Teesside landscape go - providers of jobs for generations, and so intertwined with the people of the region. However, time and the world moves on and we should embrace the new and potential developments coming to the region, with a focus on clean and renewable energy.

I covered eight of the blowdowns and have selected an image from each of these loud and powerful chapters in the Teesworks story so far....

South Bank Coke Ovens demolition. 18th September 2021

Redcar Stock Houses demolition. 1st November 2021

Redcar Ore Bunker demolition. 3rd December 2021

Redcar Blast Furnace demolition. 23rd November 2022

Redcar Blast Furnace Stoves demolition. 22nd March 2023

Redcar Coke Ovens Screenhouse demolition. 14th April 2023

Redcar Coke Ovens Gas Tower. 28th April 2023

Redcar Power Station demolition. 29th June 2023

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