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Wonderful Web Monkeys

It has been a particularly good couple of weeks for acquiring new clients and so I would like to pay homage to those who have helped me both create and enhance my website. Spending time writing blogs was not a task that initially appealed to me. I am not a wordsmith by trade and I cringe at the thought of writing about myself and telling the world about my accomplishments, or possibly lack of.

The Cairn Group Leadership Conference 2023 at the Holiday Inn Scotch Corner.

When I first started out down the path of self employment/freelancing in 2015, I had no idea where to start in terms of self promotion. I turned to friend/colleague Michael Atkinson who worked as the website editor at The Northern Echo at the time. Having much greater knowledge in all things t'internet than I ever will, he created the framework for my website. It became clear to me that for many professions, you can be the best at what you do, but if no one knows who you are, i.e. have an online presence, you're doing yourself a great injustice.

RGL high pressure water jetting services at work in the Dolphin Centre swimming pool, Darlington.

The second person I would like to acknowledge is Graham Marsh at Digital Edge who I met through Ian Proctor. Wix-specialist Graham helped spruce up my website and convinced me that writing a blog would be extremely beneficial for business by boosting my search engine optimization (SEO). I reluctantly agreed and 18 months down the line, the routine of writing posts has definitely become easier.

Although I work as a sole trader, there are many people who have assisted me along the way. A massive thank you to all of you for helping me to have the success that I have and continue to do the job that I love.

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