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And the Winner is…

Last Thursday evening I donned my black suit and tie to attend an awards event. This has become a more regular occurrence over the last few years, and proved to be both an uplifting and interesting experience. Depending on the nature of the do, hearing success stories and/or how individuals have battled against adversity, or simply gone out of their way to show kindness to others is a wonderful thing.

The majority of the awards events I have covered have been on behalf of the guys at Resolution Media based in Middlesbrough. One of my key roles has been to capture category winners with their trophies after they have received them. In addition to the mandatory smile to camera shot, I usually ask my subject(s) for a more emotional reaction, and this has created some interesting and amusing photos from time to time. I believe that everyone has a slightly different reaction to success and indeed to the lens - from being completely ecstatic all the way through to appearing somewhat embarrassed about being thrust into the limelight is a compelling act to observe.

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