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California Soul

I've said it before and I'll say it again, variety is one of the key elements that makes my job so enjoyable. At the weekend I photographed a Darlington-based band who wanted a series of images inside and outside the recording studio where they practice. I had little idea of the style they were after, the type of music they played or the location(s) we would be using to shoot the images. Over the years however, I've learnt to think on my feet, and adaptability tends to be another key element of what I do.

The group in question were the guitar-based three piece, Friday in California. I quickly discovered they wanted a more moody selection of images, which lent itself to the cobbled back alley behind the studio complete with weathered red brick walls - an atmospheric setting for the trio. Dry weather and the last light of the day proved favourable conditions to shoot in.

The studio offered a different challenge as the room the band practised in was tight on space. Dave, the singer, was kind enough to warn me that the sound they produced would be loud, so ear defenders were employed as amplifiers were cranked up and I was treated to a selection of songs while snapping away. I'll be interested to see how far they can go and wish them all the luck getting there.

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