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Fields and Flash Heads

An enjoyable job last week as I went to photograph the NFU's national livestock board chair Richard Findlay at his Westerdale farm, set in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. On a not so common occasion for this part of the country, there was not a cloud in the sky and no breeze to speak of. Perfect conditions you might think for taking photos. However, with strong midday sun comes strong shadows, which are not favourable for a flattering portrait. Fortunately I have the tools in my armoury to combat this in the form of a couple of very powerful Profoto flash heads. This enables me to fill in the darker areas that the sun doesn't hit and make for much more pleasing images.

I have included some examples from the shoot below. A polarising filter has also been used to create a deep blue sky in the locations where the sun was positioned to the side of me.

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