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From Boro With Love

Donning a nice shirt, proper trousers and leather shoes, last week saw me make a return to the wedding photography circuit. It's not an avenue of the profession that I actively pursue, however, when asked, I find it hard to turn down - plus I always enjoy it.

Thankfully the weather was kind to me and newlyweds Jerome and Dimitrya as we worked together to compile a selection of shots in Centre Square and Stewart Park, both in Middlesbrough. Although familiar with these locations, I had never performed a wedding-related photoshoot at either site, adding to the interest and variety on a personal level.

Bright and sunny, I made ample use of my trusty off-camera flash heads to fill the strong shadows created by the conditions. The cold wind brought the shoot to a somewhat premature end however, as the happy couple, dressed in far fewer layers than myself began to feel the chill.

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