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Weekly Reflection

I've had a real mixture of jobs over the last few days, which has kept things interesting. I returned to the former Redcar steelworks to meet John Baker, who worked there for many years. We were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine, little breeze and large areas of surface water from recent heavy rain meaning that reflections were in the offering.

I travelled to Middlesbrough College for its annual graduation day - a time for celebration after years of study - the Hippodrome Theatre in Darlington to capture a fitness class - tonic for the body and mind. Then back to Redcar where a beached boat could be seen as a prop for a future television show, and a quick meeting with Santa, who made an appearance in Harrogate to promote the Green Elf Project.

A big thank you to all my clients who continue to ask me back to take photos of their events, and enable me to capture such moments in time.

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