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The Other Side of the Lens

Not all photo jobs are so serious and it is the lighter ones that often make being a photographer such a fun job. Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Ian Proctor and Graham Marsh from Digital Edge in Newton Aycliffe. I have met the pair on several occasions through work and networking events and knew that Ian in particular is very comfortable in front of the lens, therefore making my job much easier.

Ian's ease in front of the camera reminded of the first celebrity I every photographed - singer and impressionist Joe Longthorne, who's sadly no longer with us. As a junior photographer on the Scarborough Evening News I was sent to photograph Joe while he was appearing at the Futurist theatre - also no more after being demolished in 2018.

After being briefed about my assignment, I was nervous to say the least.

A regular on the stage circuit, Joe must have been photographed hundreds of times and this really played on my mind. How would my photos and style compare to those who had taken shots of him before, what should I say to him to make hime feel at ease, and would I capture what the newspaper wanted in the limited time I had with him? Fortunately there wasn't too much to worry about, as I learnt that evening, pros of the stage and screen know exactly how to pose for the camera without any prompting because they are so accustomed to doing so. Joe was very polite and accommodating, enabling me to get what I needed before delighting the audience with his musical show.

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