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'X' Marks the Box

I love quirkiness and I think it's a quality that is typically British. That eccentricity always seems to have been prevalent when it comes to an election day with polling stations in particular. Over the years, I have taken pictures of all kinds of buildings and structures that have been made available as locations to cast one's vote. These have included a hair salon and a railway carriage to name just two.

Walworth Castle nr Darlington.

Fortunately for me and my passion for peculiarity, the trend continued today as I visited a football club, a portakabin, a market hall and a castle. All proved interesting locations in their own way. The only thing sadly missing were any dogs which have proved a popular side show lately - I guess you can't have it all!

Clockwise from top left - The Market Hall in Richmond, a portakabin on Mount Leven Road in Yarm, Walworth Castle and Stockton Town Football Club, Stockton.

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