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A Special Day in Barney

A nice return to wedding photography for me last weekend and a new venue in Runa Farm near Barnard Castle. There was a lovely rustic feel to the place with eye-catching touches, such as the centre-piece tree in the main room/dining area, as well as wooden beams, plush furnishings and cosy outdoor areas.

I don't think of myself as a wedding photographer per say and would not like to spend every weekend in pursuit of brides and grooms and all of the regalia that comes with the day. However, I do enjoy attending these happy occasions from time to time and feel that my sporadic dalliances with such nuptials gives me a fresher outlook on th.

Autumn can be a very picturesque time of year to get married with leaves changing colour to attractive shades of yellow, orange, red and brown, and the sun being lower in the sky producing light that's more conducive to photography. My arrival at Runa Farm last Saturday was shrouded in fog. Fortunately this did lift through the day and we were treated to around an hour of dry conditions before the inevitable rain made an appearance. Time enough fortunately to get some seasonal shots of the newly weds.

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