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Bangers and Flash

I've found myself attending many morning networking events of late. Not to mingle with the great and good of the business world per se, but to take photos. As social activity has returned to normal levels post-pandemic, these gatherings provide an ideal opportunity for organisations to further develop their businesses and make in-real-life connections. With the addition of guest speakers, and often a breakfast spread, they’re a pleasant way to start the day during the working week.

Camera aside, I’ve never been that comfortable mingling at these events and trying to sell myself to a room of smartly dressed strangers. The sheer thought of it actually makes me pretty anxious. However, by simply having the tool of my trade strapped around my neck when I’m at these meetings, those worries fade away.

So this year, I’ve made it my mission to be more forthcoming when invited to cover such sessions. In between shots I’m going to try and speak to at least a couple of people I haven't met before. With so much interaction taking place online these days, I'm a firm believer there’s no better way of bonding than the traditional face to face method. Likewise, you can't yet simulate the taste sensation of a sausage buttie. 

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