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Hairy Headshot

As the Covid lockdown becomes part of history, I have noticed a positive development from what was a terrible period of time for many of us. As workers have returned to their offices, often there has been a plus one in the shape of a furry, four-legged friend.

A huge number of white-collar workers found themselves doing their jobs from home during the global pandemic. A pattern that hasn't returned to pre-lockdown levels since. For many of these people, it meant having more time with their families including their pets. As employers have tried to encourage their staff to come back to the office, I'm curious to know if allowing a dog to come too has been part of this policy.

Studies have show that dogs can help to ease depression, anxiety, stress and isolation and what may once have seemed a somewhat strange idea is becoming more mainstream. The dog's mental health must also be much improved by getting to spend more time with his/her owner, rather than being stuck at home.

I was very pleased to meet Donny last week while taking shots of the staff at McDaniels Law in Gatehead. I was informed that there would be an additional headshot to do on the day, and once the background and paws were in place, he was as good as gold posing for the camera, showing off his shiny black coat and waggy tail.

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