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Let There Be Light

I've never classed myself as a portrait photographer although it has been a big part of my job over the last 20 years. Perhaps it's due to my roots and initial association with the newspaper industry and being categorised as a press photographer. In those earlier years of my career, I used to carry a lot less equipment which certainly had its benefits - less strain on the body and more mobility, vital when dashing from one job to another over the course of a day.

Nowadays my working life isn't quite as hectic. I get more time to spend on an assignment and so can set up studio lights on locations inside and out, lighting my subjects in a more sophisticated and dynamic way. Of course, I could do without the extra weight, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice the versatility my two flash lights give me.

As with all technology, flash heads have developed considerably over the years. In particular the level of lighting power they can now emit from a battery (as opposed to mains) is considerable, meaning they can fill shadows outdoors, even in strong sunlight conditions - something I wouldn't have attempted in days gone by. This, coupled with the flexibility of not having to rely on mains power, means my additional burden is a small price to pay for the sake of my work.

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