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Raising Anxiety Levels

It was a privilege to once again cover A-level and T-level results day at Middlesbrough College yesterday. Photographing the students opening their respective brown sealed envelopes and capturing the expressions of delight on their faces is always a pleasure. However, the experience also brought back memories of when I had to go through the process back in 1994.

Sadly I can't claim to have been studious in nature as a teenager. At that time in my life there were just too many distractions. I had started going out, I had started drinking alcohol and becoming engrossed in music, and on top of all that, there was the added element of girls. Many would argue that these are fairly trivial matters and I would agree. Other adolescents have had to deal with far more serious obstacles than I ever did. Problems are relative however and I have a great deal of respect to all of the young people out there who have managed to obtain good grades through hours of study and dedication.

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