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Snapping in the Rain

Everything seemed perfectly set after I had met soon-to-be-married couple Steve and Natalia for the first time last month. They were keen to photographically exploit the stunning setting of Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire, and we had walked around the ground to assess various backdrops and locations to return to when their big day arrived a few days later.

I'd been fortunate enough in the past to have never encountered a full day of rain while photographing a wedding. For Steve and Natalia who had travelled up from their home in the Midlands to the location where he had proposed to her, our weather-related luck had run out!

I have a great deal of respect for the couple's resolve however as they were in completely agreeable to carrying on with our original plans regardless. Using umbrellas between shots and sometimes within the shots we went through the locations we had viewed several days earlier - Natalia was well prepared and had even brought a pair of wellies! Best of all though, the grounds that are usually teeming with people, were completely deserted.

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